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Aspire Wetsuit


The Aspire wetsuit is loved by both triathletes and open water swimmers trying to swim further and faster. Offering a high-level combination of flexibility, buoyancy and comfort, the Aspire wetsuit is designed to support all athletes whether they’re racing, training or simply exploring the open water.

The Aspire’s 2022 makeover brings you a new and improved
experience in the water. The design caters for both men and women. The Women’s wetsuit features thinner neoprene, thus less buoyancy, due to ladies having more natural buoyancy in the water. Whilst the men’s wetsuit utilises 5mm neoprene for increased buoyancy and better positioning in the water.



Stemming from our product-first philosophy, our wetsuit design process is focused on extracting each swimmers’ full potential in the water. The extra buoyancy of the Aspire makes it the ideal suit for long swims, helping you maintain a good body position in the water and focus more on your technique for a more energy efficient swim. Distance per stroke is optimised by fitting a B.R.E (Body Rotation Enhancement) on the chest, limiting the bodies rotation in the water. Moreover, the Aspire is fitted with a Silk X lining to improve comfort and ensure an easy and speedy removal.



We understand that no swimmer wants to feel restricted in the water. The new and improved Aspire features ensure swimmers a good range of movement and good reach with every stroke.

- One-piece shoulder (X-10 Extreme) panel helps conserve energy, swim faster and improve endurance due to the increased flexibility and distance achieved with each stroke.

- Uses 100% Premium Yamamoto neoprene which has an expansion of 7x that of a conventional wetsuit.

Tried and tested

“Moving to rougher open water, specifically choppy ocean swims, is where the Aspire really showed its brilliance. I was noticeably more comfortable in choppy water thanks to the added buoyancy, and I began to make noticeable swim gains in training and in races.” – Professional Triathlete,
Bradley Weiss (2022)

“The Aspire is a fantastic option for almost anyone. It’s comfortable, easy to get on and off, thick enough to keep you warm but not so thick that it effects shoulder mobility, making it overall incredible value for
money.” – Loren (2022)