After years of research, testing and collaboration, leading triathlon brand Zone3 is proud to announce the release of the world’s fastest tri-suit, the Aeroforce-X.

The all-British developed, tested and manufactured tri-suit is a collaboration between Zone3 and aero specialists, Nopinz. Together, the two have combined years of experience, competition and ingenuity to achieve the task of producing the fastest triathlon suit in the world.

With the bike split accounting for approximately 50% of a triathlete’s time on course, Zone3 saw an opportunity to help reduce overall time. Combining the industry expertise of Zone3 and the speed suit knowledge of Nopinz has enabled this to happen.

The Aeroforce-X delivers marginal gains on the bike; a major breakthrough for all triathletes. This does not come at the detriment of comfort and performance during the swim or run, making the suit extremely high performing across all stages.

“The Aeroforce-X represents another proud milestone in our company’s history. We have combined our vast triathlon knowledge with Nopinz, who are industry experts from the aerodynamic world, and countless hours of advanced research and development in our pursuit for perfection,” says Zone3 founder James Lock.

“By scouting the world for the newest and most innovative fabrics and technologies, and validation from renowned Aerodynamic experts Aerocoach in multiple different testing conditions, we have delivered the fastest tri-suit on the market. Like our athletes, we race, we train hard and we are obsessed by getting faster!”



Our Aeroforce-X can be fully customised and branded precisely as you want it. The whole process is provided by our production partner, Nopinz, from artwork to production. You can rest assured that the finished trisuit will not only fit great, but look great too.

The only limit is your imagination.


Choose the made to measure option for your Aeroforce-X and have the fastest trisuit fit you precisely how you want it. 22 measurements taken by you being are sent to our partner, Nopinz, to create a bespoke trisuit. Just for you.


This option for your fully bespoke Zone3 Aeroforce-X trisuit takes tailor-made production to the next level. When visiting out partner, Nopinz, in Barnstable, Devon, UK, you have a full 3D body map taken to then produce a precise CAD model of you to produce the geometry for your truly one-off custom trisuit.



The Aeroforce-X outperformed all other suits during testing. The new Zone3 suit was the fastest on test and registered an average speed increase of 0.3kph (2.4%) when compared to the control sample (bibs and jerseys).

In relation to watts, the Aeroforce-X required 257.5 for a 4:30 40kph bike leg, a saving of 4.1 watts over the control sample and 2.65 watts compared to the competitor average. Showing its versatility, the Zone3 suit also had less than half the variability of its closest rival across environments, sizes and speeds, making it the most consistent on test. The time and energy savings provided to wearers of the Zone3 Aeroforce-X tri suit, compared to those wearing the tri suits of leading competitors, makes it a game changer that can’t be ignored.