Your Triathlon Kit List

Your Triathlon Kit List

Getting all your kit ready for a workout is enough of a faff, but triathlons take that to a new level with 3 disciplines each requiring specific gear! There’s a lot to remember so here’s a handy checklist of what you’ll need to get you through race day:

For the Day

• Transition bag – a handy purpose-built bag, often with specific sections for each discipline
• Warm clothing – for before and after the race
• Suncream – to protect your skin on the bike and run
• Mobile phone – with lots of people around, it can be easy to lose your friends and family
• Race registration and ID
• Drinks – water and/or nutrition/energy drinks
• Bike pump
• Multi-tool – for any last minute bike adjustments
• Towel
• Post-food food – or some money to get yourself some much-needed post-race nutrition!

For the Swim

Trisuit – tried and tested prior to event so you know its comfortable and you can race in it
Wetsuit (compulsory in some races, but optional in others so check in advance!) – same as your trisuit, it’s good to make sure you’re used to swimming in your wetsuit
• Spare goggles – just in case! Many triathletes will have a clear pair and a tinted pair for different light conditions
Swim cap – many races will give you a swim cap but it’s good to bring your own just in case
Anti-chafing balm – to help you get out of your wetsuit in a rush
• Towel – to briefly dry the important bits in triathlon (like your feet!)
• Sandals – for when you’re hanging around before the start of the swim

For the Bike

• Race belt – save your trisuit from pin-holes with a handy race-belt
• Bike – difficult to forget but quite an important bit of kit!
• Helmet – the vast majority of races won’t even let you into the transition zone without a helmet
• Triathlon/Cycling shoes
• Socks (optional)
• Sunglasses – because you’ll want to be able to see where you’re going!
• Bottles – filled with water and/or your chosen sports drink
• Snacks – sweets like jelly babies are a great hit of sugar for when you’re struggling
• Spare inner tube(s) – fingers crossed you won’t need them!
• Tools & C02 cannisters – to help fix any dreaded punctures
• Packable jacket – to keep you dry in case it starts to rain

For the Run

• Visor (weather dependent) – or cap
• Running shoes – like with most of your kit, make sure you’ve run in your shoes before race day; you won’t want to be breaking them in on the day!
• Elastic laces – to make transition quicker and easier
• Sunglasses (weather dependent)
• A smile – remember, there are usually photographers on the course and at the finish line!

Best of luck and please share any race photos with us on socials (@ZONE3official on Instagram and Facebook)!