The Essential Kit List for Your First Triathlon: Be Prepared for a Great Day Out!

The Essential Kit List for Your First Triathlon: Be Prepared for a Great Day Out!

Embarking on your first triathlon is an exciting and challenging adventure. Whether you're a seasoned runner looking to expand your horizons or a fitness enthusiast seeking a new and invigorating experience, a triathlon can be an incredible test of physical and mental endurance. To help you make the most of this thrilling journey, we've compiled a comprehensive kit list to ensure you're well-prepared for your first triathlon. From swimwear to nutrition, let's dive into the essential gear you'll need to conquer the swim, bike, and run!

  1. Swim:

a) Triathlon-specific wetsuit: Look for a wetsuit designed specifically for triathlons, note these are different from surf wetsuits. Opt for a comfortable and well-fitting suit that provides buoyancy and flexibility in the water. We have a range of wetsuits to suit your experience level, budget and needs.

b) Goggles: Invest in a pair of high-quality goggles that fit snugly and offer excellent visibility. Choose a tint that suits the lighting conditions of your race. We stock a range of goggles that cater to a range of face shapes and environments. If you have an early start, photochromatic lenses or polarised lenses could be just the thing – shop now.

c) Swim cap: A brightly coloured swim cap is crucial for visibility in the water and identifying your wave or start time – often you will be given one on race day as part of your entry however, it is sometimes good to have a spare and double up so that if one comes off in the swim you still have another underneath.

d) Anti-Chafe Balm – perfect for lubricating around the neck, wrists and ankles, our anti-chafe balm will have you swimming with complete comfort and will help you get your wetsuit off that little bit easier.

2. Bike

a) Road or triathlon bike: Depending on your budget and experience, choose a road bike or a dedicated triathlon bike. Ensure it's the right size, tires are pumped up and breaks are working! Talk to your local bike shops about puncher repairs and tyre pressures if you are not sure.

b) Helmet: Safety should always be a top priority. Invest in a well-ventilated and if you like, an aerodynamic helmet that meets safety standards.

c) Bike shoes and pedals: Clip-in shoes and compatible pedals can greatly enhance your cycling efficiency but are not essential for your first triathlon trainers or pedal cages/straps are sufficient. Practice using them before the race to become comfortable with them.

d) Trisuit: Perfect for wearing all race long, from swim start to finish line! Investing in a trisuit is the key bit of kit that will have you feeling like a pro all day long, often with nutrition storage, padding for the bike and funky colours for the run course our range of trisuits are ideal for the best race day.

  1. Run:

a) Running shoes: Invest in a pair of good-quality running shoes that suit your foot type and running style. Break them in well before race day to avoid blisters or discomfort.

b) Elastic laces: Swap out your regular shoelaces for elastic laces to speed up your transition from bike to run.

  1. Transition Area:

a) Triathlon-specific kit bag: A bag with separate compartments will help you stay organized and easily access your gear in the transition area. We would recommend looking at our award-winning Transition Bag.

b) Towel: Lay out a small towel to place your gear on, making it easier to find and preventing dirt from getting into your shoes or helmet.

c) Nutrition: Pack energy gels, bars, or your preferred fuel source to keep you energised throughout the race.

  1. Miscellaneous:

a) Race belt: A race belt with number clips allows you to easily display your race bib during the run leg.

b) Sunscreen: Protect your skin from harmful UV rays by applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF before the race.

c) Water bottle: Stay hydrated during the race by carrying a lightweight, easily accessible water bottle.

d) Watch or fitness tracker: Keep track of your time, distance, and pace with a reliable watch or fitness tracker.


Preparing for your first triathlon requires an organised approach, and having the right gear is crucial to your success. By following this kit list, you'll be well-equipped to take on the swim, bike, and run legs with confidence. Remember to train consistently, familiarise yourself with the gear, and practice your transitions to ensure a smooth and enjoyable race day. Good luck on your triathlon journey, and embrace the challenge of pushing your limits with a thrilling multisport event!