Open Water Swim Tips

Open Water Swim Tips

As race season speedily approaches, you’re probably at the point of your training where you’re making the final push towards achieving personal bests. We’ve put together some essential open water swim tips that we think you might find handy.

Lube up
This goes without saying, but without lube, you’ll find you’re at a huge risk of chafing. You might not necessarily notice during the swim, but once you’re on the run with sweat pouring onto the chaffed area you’ll know about it. We suggest liberally applying a wetsuit-specific lube around the sides, back and front of your neck and you’ll be all set.

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Get someone to check your zip
Have someone check over your zip and Velcro closure and ensure you can reach the zip cord.

Warm up before getting in
Get the blood circulating before you enter the water. It’ll increase your body temperature and will prepare you mentally for the activity ahead. Swing your arms in circles, loosen your shoulders and do a few squat jumps to raise your heart rate.

It will feel fresh (when doesn’t it?) but get in the water as early as possible. Stand waist deep, take a deep breath and splash water on your face. If you can bare it, throw some down the neck of your wetsuit too.

Position yourself sensibly
Leave your ego behind. If you’re not the best swimmer, move towards the back of the field as everyone lines up. Putting yourself at the front of the pack as a weak swimmer is a sure-fire way to ensure you have a rough time of it!

Don’t sight too much
Unless you’re Alistair Brownlee or Harry Wiltshire, chances are there will be swimmers both in front and to your sides throughout the swim. You don’t want to be a sheep and blindly follow the feet in front, but you also don’t need to sight every 4 or 6 strokes if you’re in a pack. Keep an eye of the bodies around you and you’ll naturally follow the masses.

Take two pairs of goggles
Because at some point, your goggles will snap as you put them on. And if sods-law dictates that that’s the morning of Blenheim, you don’t want to be left without a pair. If you’re in need of a new pair, view our full range here: