Aspire Wetsuit Wins Best In Class - Triathlete Magazine.

Aspire Wetsuit Wins Best In Class - Triathlete Magazine.

We are thrilled to have collected the top award from Triathlete Magazine for our 2019 iteration of the multi-award winning Aspire wetsuit. This wetsuit has undergone a transformation for 2019 and now incorporates innovative body contouring buoyancy panels, engineered specifically to support your core and regulate body temperature. These buoyancy panels are constructed of specialist Aerodome neoprene which is 30% more buoyant than standard neoprene alone, helping you maintain the perfect body position during each stroke, increasing efficiency and speed.

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Year on year the Aspire wetsuit builds on its world-renowned reputation. It continues to collect accolades from the Triathlon industry, having scored an impressive 10 out of 10 rating in both Triathlete Europe and 220 Magazine in its early years and more recently a 95% rating and the prestigious BEST BUY award. The Aspire is constantly given praise for its great fit, remarkable flexibility around the shoulders, carefully balanced buoyancy and rapid removal. Further research and development has been conducted over the last two years which have resulted in an updated version of the Aspire being launched in 2019. The core features which have made the Aspire so popular are still integrated and new features have been added to improve performance and comfort further. #Zone3Facts

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The 2019 Aspire is the perfect wetsuit for beginners all the way up to seasoned open-water swimmers and is packed with the latest advances in neoprene construction. The 2019 model includes: an integrated one-piece shoulder and chest panel for unlimited flexibility and reach per stroke, a laser-cut collar for a tight yet extremely comfortable fit and 100% Yamamoto material throughout.

With more integrated technology than any other wetsuit on the market at this price point, we are confident that once you try the Aspire wetsuit, you will be blown away with its performance.

Here's what Triathlete Magazine thought of the 2019 Aspire:

Zone3 Aspire Best In Class Award 2019 -

"Possibly the most comfortable wetsuit we’ve ever worn—and it’s under $500. It feels like a second skin in the water, and because the arm material doesn’t go thinner than 1.5mm, no warmth is lost in order to gain flexibility in the shoulder panels. Thicker panels on the lower body add enough buoyancy to enjoy the extra float, but not too much to make the wearer feel like they’re on top of the water. Easy removal makes for a speedy T1."

If you are looking to level up and increase your swimming efficiency this year, the Aspire wetsuit is the ideal model for you, take a closer look.