A ZONE3 Review of Challenge Roth

A ZONE3 Review of Challenge Roth

What a week! It can sometimes be difficult to see past the months of planning, hours of meetings, design deadlines, and logistics that go into an event like Challenge Roth. Until you are there, on the ground, surrounded by triathletes, spectators, and the community, it doesn't quite feel real. And now that it is done, I'm still not sure it was! I'm sure if you're one of the thousands of athletes that took part in Challenge Roth over the weekend after months of training, you know what I mean. 

Before I start looking forward to our next big event, I wanted to take some time to reflect on Roth and a couple points that really stood out to me.

ZONE3 is Part of the Journey 

Events like Challenge Roth are a great opportunity to connect with the community and understand exactly what ZONE3 and the sport means to them. Throughout the event, I had numerous conversations with athletes and the public, all of whom wanted to share their stories and let me know how ZONE3 has been a part of their lives. It was a humbling experience, and I am reminded that we have the honour of being part of an amazing community and to continue to develop ways in which we can better support and serve that community. 

As the official swim partner to Challenge Roth, we were pleased to activate beyond the world’s largest triathlon race expo. Hosting two pre-race day open water swim training sessions, allowing athletes to test and demo our wetsuits and help out with last minute wetsuit repairs and kit needs as well as further immersing ourselves in the community further.  Thank you to the incredible wider ZONE3 team that worked long hours on the ground and back in the UK to make this all happen. 

Challenge Family Cares 

One aspect of Challenge Roth that stood out to me was the commitment that they make to their athletes and volunteers. Challenge Family cares. Witnessing their efforts to put their community first was truly inspiring and no doubt why people keep coming back to Challenge Family races.

I’m Excited To go Back. 

Looking ahead, I am already excited about Challenge Roth in 2024. The anticipation of reconnecting with familiar faces, witnessing the triumphs of athletes, and experiencing the electric atmosphere once again is something that keeps me motivated. 

In conclusion, Challenge Roth is more than just a race, it’s a remarkable event that brings together athletes, spectators, and the community in a celebration of endurance, determination, and camaraderie. As a representative of ZONE3, it was an incredible opportunity to connect with the community, hear their stories, and reaffirm our commitment to supporting them in their journey. I'm grateful to be part of this amazing triathlon community, and I'm eagerly looking forward to Challenge Roth 2024. 

See you all there! 

Xander Brice - Brand & Partnerships Manager