Women's Streamline Sleeveless Swimskin

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    The Zone3 Streamline swimskin has been developed as an entry-level version of our classic swimskin, which was previously shortlisted in the Lava Magazine ‘Gear of the Year’ feature. The suits have been developed due to a number of requests from Ironman athletes who are looking for that extra core support and reduced drag during non-wetsuit swims.

    Made from a lightweight and compressive woven Italian fabric on the main body, with a bright coloured, back panel for extra visibility the suit is fully water repellent and together with bonded seams helps reduce drag through the water.

    The suit is designed to go over the top of your race uniform so offers good body coverage. The fit is designed for speed and the seams are glued and head bonded for comfort and to maximise drag resistance. There is also zip on the back with a cord attached to allow the suits to be removed easily.


    The women's streamline sleeveless swimskin is an entry level swims skin designed to be extremley drag resistant through the water, whilst the coloured panelling allows visibility

    Key features

    • Made using top end Italian fabrics, including our tried and tested Revo Energy fabric on the main body.

    • Hydrophobic fabric for maximum compression & minimum water absorption.

    • Water repellent coating on the body for a faster swim.

    • Fully bonded seams for comfort and minimal drag.

    • Fit designed for speed and maximum coverage.

    Please remember that this is a high-performance product and care should be taken when putting the suit on. Once on, you’re all set to start swimming faster than ever!