Unisex Swim-Run Shorts

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Unisex Swimrun Shorts

•       3mm Speedflo shorts for speed, flexibility and buoyancy.

•       A generous back pocket for your compass, and whistle.

•       High-stretch nylon gusset panel for durability during the run as the legs rub each other.

 A dedicated Swimrun short designed for wearing over your wetsuit or instead of a wetsuit depending on the climate.

Added buoyancy produces a more efficient swim, without any sacrifices during the run. With the growing popularity of Swimrun events and the success of our Swimrun wetsuits, 2020 sees the addition of a dedicated Swimrun top and short combination. Designed specifically for the demands of this growing sport, these shorts can be used instead or a wetsuit or as a wetsuit overlayer for extra buoyancy and storage.

The extra buoyancy helps to improve the position of the hips and legs in the water, producing a more streamlined swim with less drag.

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