Men's Swim-Run Versa Wetsuit

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Designed for both swimming and running, to remove the need for a kit change, the Versa is a stripped down version of the Zone3 Evolution. This gives newcomers the chance to get a high performing suit at an entry level price.

Lower flexibility materials and flat-lock stitching has enabled the price to be brought down but without sacrificing functionality. The Versa combines a great fitting swim wetsuit with the benefit of high stretch leg panels for running and a front zip for lung expansion and breathability on the run.

Key Features:

  • Entry level suit designed specifically for newcomers to Swim-Run, or those on a budget
  • Breathable neoprene fabric
  • 2mm neoprene on leg
  • 4mm neoprene on body
  • Front zip, back and internal pockets
  • Removable arm sleeves
  • Built upon Zone3’s experience as one of the first and best-selling brands within the Swim-Run market

Key Benefits:

  • Comfortable in and out of the water
  • Easy access heat regulation
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Increased visibility

Zone3 was the first brand to bring out the front-zipped Swim-Run suit and has built a reputation in this sport over the last few years. The Versa product is an important part of this development process and is designed to encourage more participation in this amazing fast-growing sport.

Key Features Include:

Neo-Breathe fabric, used on the back and underarms is a soft four-way stretch neoprene that allows moisture and body heat to escape whilst protecting against the cold and water intake. There couldn’t be a more perfect fabric for use within a Swim-Run suit.

Bright coloured, high stretch 2mm shoulder panels for flexibility and visibility.

Speedflo fabric on the front chest to reduce drag through the water.

Separate 2mm sleeves to allow for more freedom of movement in the shoulders, as well as temperature control and protection – designed to be worn on the swim and easily removed for the run if overheating.

Highly durable Gator Fabric is used on the legs, giving extra protection on rugged terrain.

Extended leg length to cover the knees for warmth and protection.

Front zip with cord for easy access and temperature control during the run.

Two internal pockets on the front and one large external pocket on the back for SwimRun essentials. Size and position perfected over the last three years.