Men's Aeroforce-X 3/4 sleeve top

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  • Made in the UK in collaboration with NOPINZ.
  • Aerodynamic fabric on the sleeves and side panels at optimum positioning for drag reduction.
  • Low profile neckline for improved fit without chafing.
  • Aero designed pockets for generous storage without affecting performance or increasing drag.
  • ColdBlack coating for reduced IR absorption.

We are all looking for extra speed, once you've conquered the finish, triathlon is all about getting there faster. It is that notion that gave birth to our new Aeroforce-X range.

New for 2020 we have collaborated with speedsuit specialist NOPINZ, to develop the world’s fastest tri suit. Utilising the facilities at the Boardman performance centre, Aerocoach (Nopinz aerodynamic partner) performed extensive fabric, pattern layout and competitor tests to help us produce the fastest possible bike time, without sacrificing swim and run comfort.

Available in both male and female cuts, the Aeroforce-X tri top allows you to improve and maximize the aero benefits of your existing set up.


Scientifically Tested: Fabric testing was performed by Aerocoach in the Boardman Centre wind tunnel and on the track at a speed of 40km/h to determine which fabric reduced the most amount of drag to improve cycle times.

Comfort: The ultra-lightweight breathable fabrics incorporate ColdBlack technology across the core to help regulate body temperature.

Low Drag: To achieve faster bike splits requires a reduction in drag, the Aeroforce-X range achieves this with the optimum positioning of aerodynamic sleeves and side panels, as well specially designed aero pockets for endurance nutrition.

Water Repellent: The addition of a water repellent coating helps to reduce drag in the water, adding extra speed and reducing fatigue before the bike.

The Story Behind The Suit:

The Z3/Nopinz Collaboration began in March 2019 with Nopinz commissioned by Zone 3 to start developing the suit. The brief form Zone 3 "an aero race suit that could be used for long course Triathlon by a range of athletes that must be comfortable to swim and run in".

The first stop for Nopinz was to test a range of materials in the wind tunnel. Different materials work well in different placements on the body and at different speeds. Therefore of paramount importance to Nopinz was finding materials that were not only suitable for Triathlon but also aerodynamically efficient at a range of speeds.

Materials were tested on mannequins at the Boardman performance centre by Aerocoach who is Nopinz aerodynamic partner.

With that resulting data, we then set about creating the initial garment patterns and using what we had learned from the wind tunnel, deciding on best material selection and placement.

Of course, in creating a pattern for Triathlon, we have to be aware that the suit will be used for swimming and running and potentially overextended durations to a TT suit. Therefore features like hidden gel pockets were implemented, and a unique flexible zip was sourced for increased comfort when standing to run.

Once the first garment pattern was created, we moved onto refining the fit of the garment. Zone 3 was integral in this part of the development and prototype suits were sent to a range of athletes for testing and feedback.

Alongside this prototype, suits were taken to the wind tunnel to test and further refine the garment construction to optimise the suits further.

After all, the feedback was received and considered the final garment patterns were made. We could move onto the final validation of the suits.

Validating the suits for Nopinz and Zone 3 meant testing in the wind tunnel and on the track using two different athletes of varying builds, testing was carried out at a range of speeds by Nopinz aerodynamics partner Aerocoach.

Zone 3 also requested testing of competitor suits so to give a fair comparison the competitor suits were tested at the same time as the Z3 using the same protocols at both the wind-tunnel and the track.

So the critical bit the results!

We were delighted that the Zone 3 Aeroforce suit delivered precisely what set out to create. An aero suit that performs consistently across a range of speeds and on different athletes of different builds

The Zone 3 Aeroforce wasn't the fastest in specific scenarios, i.e. at 50kph 5-degree yaw. Still, overall when the data was compiled and averaged between the wind tunnel the velodrome and across the two athletes, the Z3 Aeroforce was the fastest and most consistent suit.

All too often companies find the sweet spot for their product, and then that's the data you get, but for us, it wasn't ever about that. We set out to design a suit that delivers improvement across a range of scenarios, and that is what we have achieved. We want the customer to be able to invest in an Aeroforce suit and know they will be faster.

So no matter which course you are racing or your anticipated bike split speeds. Investing in a Zone 3 Aeroforce suit will help you save watts and either go faster or at least arrive fresher for the run.