Apollo Swim Goggles



For swimmers who find standard goggles a little too big for them the Apollo goggles have a smaller frame making allowing for a better seal around the eyes on those with a smaller head/face. The ultra-soft silicone seals allow for a comfortable swim over any distance and also minimise the risk of an eye injury from the impact of a flailing limb of another swimmer. The wide angle lenses give a great range of vision – vital for open water swimming – whilst the anti-fog treated lenses give crystal clear vision for the duration of your swim. The Apollo goggles come in colour options:

The silver with smoke lenses to help reduce the glare of the sun in the sky and reflection off the water, whilst, the white with blue tint lenses to increase vision clarity in low light conditions

An easy adjust split strap gives a supportive comfortable fit to finish off this feature packed goggle.

Key Features

  • Smaller fitting one piece hydro-dynamic flexible frame

  • Italian lenses in smoke or clear vision blue

  • Anti-fog treated lenses

  • 100% UVA/UVB protection

  • Ultra-soft silicone seals

  • Wide angle lenses

  • Easy adjust strap