The Ultimate Product Guide for Weekend Adventures The Ultimate Product Guide for Weekend Adventures

The Ultimate Product Guide for Weekend Adventures

There’s nothing quite like escaping away for a weekend adventure and finding yourself immersed by nature. Better still, an adventure involving the open water. This can be a great pace changer from the cut and thrust of daily life or training schedules and is a great opportunity to switch off, relax and refocus.

Read our handy kit guide to find out all you need to take away on your next weekend adventure in the open water. Embrace the escape.

Swimwear Swimwear


Whether you choose a swimskin, kneeskin or swim suit, our swimwear is designed with a performance and comfort fit so that your open water swims can be as enjoyable and distraction-free as possible. They offer great flexibility and freedom of movement to help you feel at one with water and maintain confidence with every stroke.

Transition Transition

Transition Backpack

The multi-award winning ZONE3 Transition Backpack is an extremely comfortable and functional backpack. Its versatility
makes it the perfect bag for a weekend adventure in the open water. A holding capacity of 40 litres and 3 compartments means you can easily separate wet swim gear from your valuables. Finally, its ergonomic design makes it easy to carry your kit when you’re on the move.

Lightweight Lightweight

Lightweight Jacket

The perfect outer layer for your weekend adventure, our ZONE3
is warm, comfortable, and easy to train in. They are also a great bit of kit for the summer months too, designed to allow airflow with its full-length zip and ventilating back panels.

Parka Parka

Parka Robe

The essential companion for all open water activities, a parka robe offers the ultimate convenience and comfort once you’re out of the water. Simply zip up this knee-length robe and its soft inner lining will start drying you instantly. Our parka robes also offer generous space inside, allowing you to change with ease out of your wet swim kit. Designed with water resistant materials and warm inner linings makes them handy as general cold weather coats too.

Goggles Goggles


Every good open water swim adventure needs a good pair of goggles. Perfect for relaxing swims in the open water, our goggles have been designed to maximise comfort and performance. The super soft silicone gaskets minimise pressure around the eyes to keep you comfortable on all your swims and offer superior vision that can adapt to all weather and water conditions with a variety of lens options.

Cold Weather Cold Weather

Cold Weather Essentials

Tackle the early morning cold weather with a warm beanie,
our beanie is perfect for maintaining warmth whilst also being breathable. There’s nothing better than enjoying a hot coffee in the early morning or post swim and our ZONE3 flasks are perfect for keeping your brew nice and warm.

Accessories Accessories


There are also a few handy accessories you may want to pack for your weekend adventure in the open water too.

Check out our changing mat, towelling robe and waterproof dry bag, all essential for when you emerge from your swim to dry off and pack up.

Our waterproof waist pouches are perfect for adventurers who are on the move. Providing quick and easy access to all your essentials.

Finally, safety should be a top priority for all open water swimmers. Our tow floats are designed to keep you safe on your open water swims, whilst also being practical and visible in the water.

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