The New Vanquish X The New Vanquish X

The New Vanquish X

"This suit is fast, comfy, and the new improved features make it a stand out suit to race and train in. 100% recommend it"

Tim Don, 4 time ITU World Champion

experience the extraordinary

The World's Fastest and most Technologically Advanced Wetsuit

Taking performance to the Taking performance to the

Taking performance to the next level

Retaining the core features of the Vanquish wetsuit, renowned for being one of the best triathlon wetsuits in the world. It brings some significant upgrades in 2022, which will give you the edge in the water and out.

Introducing two exclusive materials, the Vanquish X is a step ahead in technology.

What is What is

What is Bio-Rubber?

A cutting-edge, infrared ray emitting material which collects energy from the atmosphere and re-emits this energy for absorption into the body.

Biorubber is proven to increase blood flow, reducing lactic acid and fatigue build up in the legs for more power as soon as you exit the water.

What is What is

What is titanium alpha?

Unique to ZONE3, a five-layer structure made up of neoprene rubber, coated with Titanium Alloy, and then laminated with synthetic fibre jerseys.

Double-lined Titanium alloy neoprene will be 40% warmer than regular neoprene, with no negative impact on Buoyancy, flexibility, or comfort.

Tried and tested

‘I have been training and racing in Zone3 wetsuits since 2015. In that time the Vanquish has been the suit I have predominantly used. This current version of the Vanquish is an example of how gradual & purposeful evolution of an, already excellent, product can lead to one that maybe hard to beat.The changes to the new Vanquish-X are subtle but more effective than you might initially expect. Putting it on requires care as the suit is snug, but once on that snugness makes it feel like the second skin we all want a top end suit to be.The shoulders seem to have been cut to offer great mobility and, even compared to the extremely mobile previous Vanquish, this is obvious the moment you start to move in it. The lower back is cut to hug the body and feels more flexible allowing for more natural moment at the core and when spotting.And, once into T1 the suit flies off with ease. I am looking forward to racing in the Vanquish-X in 2022’

Tom Ward – Passion Fit Coaching

‘Having raced and trained in a Vanquish for the past couple of seasons and finding it comfortable and fast, I wondered how much room for improvement there could be. The Vanquish X has taken the wetsuit game to a whole new level. It has taken all the brilliant features of the Vanquish and added more.The arm flexibility was always an area I felt the Vanquish excelled at. One area of improvement that immediately stood out for me was the shallower profiling around the lower back alongside the slight change of the shaping around the neckline. This made the wetsuit feel like an even more natural fit to compliment my swim stroke.The Vanquish X raced exceptionally well - I recently tried it during an Olympic Distance race, safe to say it was rapid to get off in transition. I am excited to try it over half and middle distance this season to feel the benefit of the Bio Rubber on levels of efficiency and the impact on the bike leg.The Vanquish X is a game changer!’

Lydia Dant – Passion Fit Coaching & 70.3 Ironman World Championship Finisher 2019/2021