Lunettes de natation d'attaque

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Built for the ultimate flexibility, the Attack goggle is designed to conform to a wide variety of face shapes and sizes. Featuring a curved lens for enhanced vision, and your choice of Polarized or Photochromatic lenses, they are ideal for both open water and pool swims.

Lunettes de natation d'attaque

Principales caractéristiques


It can be hard to find the perfect fit, so we designed the Attack goggle to offer the ultimate flexibility. 

Sporting a flexible silicon frame, ultra-soft silicon gaskets and an easy adjust strap, the Attack goggle comfortably fits a wide variety of face shapes and sizes.  

Ultra-soft silicon gaskets minimise pressure around the eyes keeping you comfortable during both open water and pool sessions.

The curved lenses offer outstanding peripheral vision, allowing you to carefully navigate your direction and spot any other swimmers. While Anti-Fog lens protection gives crystal clear vision, preventing the need for mid swim demisting.

The Attack goggle comes with two lens options - 
Polarised lenses minimise the suns glare from the water.
Photochromatic lenses automatically darken in brighter conditions and remain clear in low light conditions.

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