Kona IMWC - Let's go, Ladies!


Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Big Island, the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona stands as the pinnacle of triathlon. For four decades, this legendary race has been a crucible of the human spirit, testing athletes from across the globe against the relentless forces of nature and their own inner limits. As the dawn breaks over the lava fields and pristine shores of Kailua-Kona, a select few will embark on a gruelling competition that will push them to the brink, as they strive to etch their names into the triathlon history books.

Lauren Lauren

Lauren Brandon

As the sun begins to cast its first golden rays over the shimmering waters of Kailua Bay, all eyes will turn to the determined figure of pro triathlete Lauren Brandon. With unwavering focus and a heart filled with ambition, she stands at the water's edge, ready to embark on a mission of domination in the waters at the prestigious IRONMAN World Championships in Kona. Known for her unmatched prowess in the open water, Brandon is ready to carve a path through the ocean's depths, leaving her competition in her frothy wake and setting the stage for a remarkable performance that promises to redefine excellence in triathlon's most iconic event.

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ZONE3 Supported Octagon Elite Team

"Octagon Elite Team is excited to return to Kona with another strong line up of 7 athletes; Emily Rollins, Liis Rametta, Jacqui Giuliano, Gillian Micoli, Kelly Lambert, Tracy Campbell, and Felicity Joyce. These women have put a big emphasis on the swim leading into this race, which will help set them up for a solid race on the island. Being a US based team, we really look forward to events like this when we can gather and spend time together as teammates and friends!" – Trista Francis | Team Manager

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ZONE3 Supported Coeur Team

"The Coeur team is stoked to race the Ironman World Champs next week. We are thrilled to get to toe the line at this iconic race with all our OHANA sisters in the first all-women's Kona. We have 21 women racing, some of whom have multiple AG podium bowls from this event to first-time Kona racers. This race on this island is so special and we come with the utmost respect for the locals, the land, the ocean, the ancestry, the race's history, and of course, Madam Pele! The Women of Coeur are going after this race with grit, hard work, fun and 100% heart. Let's do this."
Lisa Holt | Team Coeur



"The DC Triathlon Club Elite Team is thrilled to be sending 6 of our 8 women to race on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2023. Four of the women are making their Ironman World Championship debut and all of them are excited to be racing among the best women in the sport of triathlon. Best of luck to our athletes: Cynthia Hutchings, Leslie Knibb, Sophia Kaounas, Eva Kodouskova, Kelly Lefler, and Natalia Szlarb! They have put in all the hard work to get to the start line, and they can now soak up the sun and the atmosphere of Kona and enjoy the race! Let’s go DCTri!"
Bryan | DC Triathlon Club Elite Team