Why athletes love the RX3 Compression range

Why athletes love the RX3 Compression range

Is compression the secret weapon your training and recovery has been missing? The Zone3 RX3 Compression range may well be the tried and tested answer you’ve been looking for. Why wouldn’t you jump at the chance of trying new gear that works to increase muscle efficiency and power, improve endurance and performance and support fatigued muscles for reduced risk of injury? But what are fellow athletes saying you ask?

We have no doubt that compression can be a hugely beneficial element to your training, racing and recovery but don’t just take it from us, here is what the Zone3 Ambassadors at Passion Fit Triathlon Club are saying about the fit, performance, quality and design of our RX3 Medical Grade Compression Tights.

How would you rate the performance of the RX3 Compression Tights?

“I have largely used the RX3 Tights for running and I can say they do the job during the colder days superbly. I was surprised at how well they retained heat whilst also helping to regulate my temperature.

Did you feel the benefits of the compression during your runs?

I have used them on both trail and road runs, and they held up great at both. The compression felt like it helped keep me sharp and maintained the spring in my stride. Normally I’m a standard pair of shorts guy when it comes to running all year round, but these have converted me.”

How would you rate the quality of the RX3 Tights after regular use?

“I have caked them in mud and probably caught them on the odd branch too and there is no sign of wear or tear - they feel as exactly as they did when they came out of the box.”

How does the compression feel after regular washes?

After multiple washes, the amount of compression feels the same and there has been no seam or logo damage. The lower-leg panel section hasn’t lost any of its trim colour either and anything that they have been plastered in washes out easily. Normally after a few washes of sports gear, you can get cracks in the logos or slight colour fading but these are not showing any signs of that.”

How did you find the fit and comfort of the RX3 Compression Tights?

“I opted for a medium which I was a bit worried would not be tight enough, particularly around the lower legs, which has been my experience with compression leggings until now. But I was pleasantly surprised that these fitted me perfectly. There is no excess material, they simply fit perfectly.

Did the fit accurately match up to the size chart?

Previously, I have found compression garments sizing to be inaccurate, especially in comparison to the size charts supplied. These are honestly one of the first pairs that fit me like a glove.”

Do you like the RX3 Tights’ multiple pockets?

“I wouldn’t change anything; the rear pocket is superb because I have a large iPhone Plus and the fact that it fits, stays secure and does not impede my stride is 5-star, whilst the little secondary pouch for my key means I am sorted. Very smart, very neat, very handy.”

So, the RX3 Compression Tights really do stand up to the test, tried and tested by athletes just like you who just want to run, gym and recover in comfort with sports gear that’s not just built to withstand it all but designed to support your every move.

Every element of the RX3 Tights were considered in the making, from the comfortable elasticated waistband and multiple pocketed design to the breathable wicking fabric and heat-bonded PU tape on the lower leg to support the soleus; we know they will keep you moving, support your performance race after race and help to protect you from injury with every wear, but now it’s your time to find out for yourself.

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