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Small Mesh Training bag / Wetsuit bag

A very convenient accessory for all swimmers and triathletes.

Most entry level wetsuits don’t come with a bag for storage, so this is the perfect size for commuting and storage and allows your wetsuit to drip dry until you have time to hang the suit and dry fully.

The Zone3 mesh bag will also store all your swim accessories and allow the excess water to drain away without having to dry each piece separately. No more balancing all your equipment on one hand as you walk on to poolside either, just stick your Mesh Bag at the end of your lane and go from there. An added feature for 2018 is the window pockets that allow for training plans to be inserted and followed minimising water splash getting on the paper. The bag measures 65cm x 30cm.

They are capable of holding:
  • Normal (not oversize) Kickboards
  • Pull Buoys
  • Paddles
  • Short Flippers
  • Wetsuits
  • Drinks Bottles
The bags have a large strap for shoulder carry, short strap for hanging on pegs etc and a drawstring cord for easy access.

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