Tim Don's Swim Sets

Tim Don's Swim Sets

Check out Tim Don’s favourite swim sets. See fast improvements in the pool or open water with tailor-made training sets for both beginner and intermediate swimmers, OR train like a pro with his expert level session.

Your safety is the biggest priority when in the water, so always ensure you are taking the right safety precautions and not attempting anything too dangerous.

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4x50m freestyle nice and easy @15sec rest

4x50m 25m backstroke 25m freestyle @15sec easy

4x25m 6 strokes fast the rest east @15sec easy


500m @

25m fast 25m easy

50m fast 50m easy

75m fast 75m easy

100m fast 100m easy

Straight through (remember pace this set)


5x100m paddles and buoy steady 20sec rest


4x25m kick @12.5m fast 12.5m easy (with a kick-board @10sec rest 

6x50m nice and easy try and add 1 more stroke per length (dps distance per stroke)




200m swim

200m @25m backstroke 75m free

2x50m @kick

2x50m head up freestyle work on sighting


12x25m @3fast 1 easy 15sec rest 

100m easy


50m very fast 30sec rest 

2x100m race pace @15sec rest

300m paddles easy 30sec rest



400m paddles buoy steady 

300m @25m kick 75m steady

200m paddles only easy

100m easy 

All 20sec rest


“One of my favourite swim sessions is a classic I first did back in the winter of 1999 on the Gold Coast with the legendary coach Denis Cotterell and his crazy talented squad at Miami Pool.”

Warm up 

400m swim  

300m buoy  

200m drill/swim  

100m build warm up with about 15 sec rest

Prep set 

16x25m @3hard 1 easy @30sec 

200m easy  

Main set 

16x50m @45sec 3easy 1 hard 

12x50m @50sec 2easy 1 hard 

8x50m @55sec 1hard 1 easy 

4x50m 4 hard @60sec 

100m easy 

Strength/pull set 

5x200m @2.50 band paddles buoy 

Warm down 

300m easy swim 

200m @25m kick 25m swim”