ZONE3 at USAT Nationals – Xander Brice | Brand & Partnerships Manager

ZONE3 at USAT Nationals – Xander Brice | Brand & Partnerships Manager

I had the incredible opportunity to host the ZONE3 stand at the recent USA Triathlon Nationals event. Bringing together athletes from across the USA, sharing a common passion for the sport. The atmosphere was palpable, everyone there knew that Milwaukee was the place to be! 

Nationals are an important event for a lot of people. For athletes, they are the culmination of months, or even years, of hard work and dedication and I was genuinely overwhelmed by the number of people who approached me to let me know about how ZONE3 had supported that triathlon Journey.  

Whether it was a budding athlete letting me know that their new Aspire wetsuit had shaved nearly a minute off their swim, or one man who came back after his race to let me know that his Venator-X goggles had allowed him to start his race fog free. The importance of connecting with the community cannot be overstated, and I always love engaging with passionate people and helping where we can! 

We also have the privilege to work with some great brand ambassadors. In particular, two who joined our team in Milwaukee. The first was Lauren Brandon who stopped by to meet and greet some fans, sign some autographs, and just be generally inspiring, before being the first person out of the water in her PTO race. The second was para-athlete Trent Fielder who came to Milwaukee to start the youth nationals race, and stayed to be part of the team, shake hands and tell visitors his story. It was great to meet them both, and I look forward to meeting them both again in the future.


My time at the USA Triathlon Nationals event was not just an opportunity to showcase exceptional gear – it was a reminder of the impact that sporting events can have on individuals and communities. As the cheers of victory and the echoes of personal achievements resonated through Milwaukee, I found myself reflecting on the stories shared and the connections formed. Together, we embark on a journey that is not just a personal endeavour, but a shared endeavour, and ZONE3 is honoured to be a part of the journey. 


Xander Brice 

Brand and Partnerships Manager